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Ltd. Koez8

Jāņa str. 5, Rīga, LV1050


Terms of use

Lelletoys.com representative – Ltd.Koez8 – is responsible for interactions with clients, which are binded by legal terms of  Latvian Republic.

 Ltd. Koez8 Terms

The order is carried out by the person who is buying goods on the online-store www.lelletoys.com (onwards – Buyer), and www.lelletoys.com representative is Ltd. Palmmv (onwards – Seller). Performing a purchase on online-store www.lelletoys.com equates to forming a contract on bying and selling.

1.1    Order procedure

Orders can be placed 24 hours a day 7 days a week, order receipts will be sent to Buyers e-mail and  your order will be automaticly reserved.  The Buyer performs the purchase online, adding the desired goods into virtual basket. The order is considered complete only when the Buyer chooses the „Confirm Order” option.

The Seller then sends the Buyer a receipt via e-mail and displays it on the screen. The receipt which was shown on the screen will be saved on www.lelletoys.com server and can be accessed at any time by entering your login and password on www.lelletoys.com website in the „Order History” tab.

Before completing the order please be very careful in order to avoid entering wrong information or incorrect amout of ordered goods. The Buyer is responsible for his order correctness.

1.2    Order confirmation

The order comes into power from the moment when the specified sum for the puchase on online-store www.lelletoys.com appears on the Ltd. Koez8 bank account.

2. Price and payment procedures

The prices on the online-store www.lelletoys.com are in euros. The Buyer pays for the goods according to the receipt provided by Ltd. Koez8. The Seller has the power to annul the order and the receipt if the Buyer does not pay the sum before the date mentioned in the provided receipt. The Buyer pays for the goods by transferring specified amount of money to the Ltd. Koez8 bank account. It is possible to pay for the goods by using your banks official website. If the Buyer selected the option to pay with Cash, then the Buyer has the ability to pick up and pay for the order in „Lelle” warehouse store located in Riga Jāņa str-5.

3. Terms of delivery

Delivery time is estimated between 1-3 working day if the ordered goods are in stock. Delivery time starts from the day when the payment for the order has been recieved (point 1.2) Custom orders when they are not in stock may take up to 30 days. If the order has been placed on Saturday or Sunday we will send a courier to pick it up on Monday and the Buyer will recieve it on Tuesday. The courier will contact you and arrange the delivery time. If the Buyer will not respond to the couriers call or he will not be present at home , then the order will be sent back to the warehouse store. Delivery in Riga during the working ours occurs from  9.00 to 17.00 or is arranged with the buyer personally.In case if the courier was late because he was given an incorrect or a wrong adress the Buyer bears full responsobility. The goods are given to the Buyer along with 1 copy of the receipt. Also the Buyer receives an invoice which he has to sign. Before signing please check your order and make sure everything is present. If the packaging was damaged during transportation, the goods are sent back and will be replaced with a new one. Further complains after the goods were replaced will not be considered.

4. Returning goods and annuling orders

The Buyer has the right to exchange the goods for the equally priced one or return it within 14 days from the day it was puchased if for some reason the Buyer was dissatisfied with the goods. If  the Buyer decides to return the goods, he needs to notify the Seller. The packaging and the goods themselves must not be damaged. If the package or the goods are damaged, they will not be accepted. If the returned goods are damaged, but the damage was not caused by Ltd.Koez8 or the goods were not used as intended, Ltd. Palmmv has the right to ask for compensation for the damages. If the Buyer does not agree with the asked compensation sum, he has the right to ask for an independent examination. Expert services are covered by the party who’s opinion was unfounded.

5. Warranty and return of goods

The manufacturer is not liable for:

Goods which were damaged by the Buyer; damages/imperfections which appeared on the goods while being misused;

Damages/imperfections which appeared on the goods due to incorrect usage which is written in the users manual.

If the goods fail to meet the requirements, please contact us via e-mail – lelle@lelle.lv .

In case the goods fail to meet the requirements, the Buyer has the right to exchange the goods onto the one that meets the requirements and without imperfections or return the goods entirely. In case of goods being returned, transportation fees are Sellers liability.

Transportation fees and returned goods price will be refunded to the Buyer within 7 – 14 working day from the day the goods were returned.

If  the Buyer used the goods even after the damage/imperfections were found, his claims will not be taken into account.

6. Confidentiality and other terms

The Seller has no right to disclose the Buyers personal information. The Seller does not disclose the Buyers information to the third parties and the Buyer has the right to get his personal information to be deleted from the Sellers database.

7. Other terms

All of www.lelletoys.com terms are equal to all clients. Excluding the term which were composed by Ltd. Koez8 both parties, as in Buyer and Seller are protected by Republic of  Latvia law. Consumer rigts are being protected by the Center for consumer rights.

Ltd. Koez8  tries to solve all emerging conflicts with customers in peaceful and friendly manner through negotiations. If both parties cant find an agreement, then both parties have the right to appeal to the appropriate authorities.